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The 10 Most Shocking Claims Of HBO's 'Going Clear'​

The hits keep coming for the embattled Church of Scientology! Here are the latest allegations from Sunday night’s airing of the bombshell HBO docum… READ MORE

Church of Scientology

Scientology Secrets Revealed In New IRS Documents

The day after HBO aired Alex Gibney‘s shocking Scientology exposé, RadarOnline.com has exclusively obtained IRS tax returns for the church̵… READ MORE

Paul Haggis Scientology Essay ‘Going Clear’

Paul Haggis Pens Powerful Essay Warning About Church Of Scientology

Paul Haggis, in a new essay, explains the heavy-handed approach that kept him loyal to the Church of Scientology for years, ahead of the upcoming documentaREAD MORE


Reason For Tom Cruise Split? Scientology Leader David Miscavige

Tom Cruise dated Penelope Cruz dated from 2001 to 2004 but according to a new report, their relationship was frowned upon by Scientology leader David MiscaREAD MORE

Sci-Fi Fallout! 13 Scientology Secrets Exposed In Film 'Going Clear'

The movie Going Clear is creating chaos in the Church of Scientology. Click through RadarOnline.com’s gallery to find out some of the big secrets the film e… READ MORE

Scientologist Church Upset Over Going Clear

Ex-Scientologists Claim Church Is Harassing Critics Over Movie

Scientologists are reportedly going ballistic over the new HBO documentary Going Clear, former members of the religion claim.

According to noted report… READ MORE

Scientology Reports Earnings Australia

Australian Church Forced To Reveal It Made $33 Million In Two Years

The Church of Scientology in Australia raked in an incredible $33.1 million over two years, according to financial documents the group was forced to file D… READ MORE

HBO Scientology Documentary Going Clear Trailer

Movie That Has Scientology Panicked—HBO Debuts ‘Going Clear’ Trailer...

HBO is creating major shock waves in the Scientology community, announcing that they will now debut the documentary Going Clear, which covers the controv… READ MORE

Scientology Secrets Marty Rathbun Video Deposition

Former Scientology Bigwig Slams ‘Psychotic’ Leader David Miscavige...

Marty Rathbun was once the second-in-command at the Church of Scientology. Now, he’s left the church and is speaking out to slam church leader David MiscREAD MORE

John Travolta’s Former Friend Tells All

For decades, John Travolta has managed to keep one huge aspect of his life a secret — the Church of Scientology. Now, for the first time, one of Travolta’s for… READ MORE

scientology carmen llywelyn tom cruise nicole kidman

Former Scientologist Claims Church Behind Tom & Nicole Split

More than 13 years after Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s split, rumors still swirl about the real reason for the breakup — and whether Scientology was a facto… READ MORE

jason lee carmen scientology

Jason Lee’s Ex Claims Church Made Her Life Living Hell

High-profile Scientologists continue to make waves by leaving the church — but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. According to My Name Is Earl star Jason LREAD MORE

jason lee carmen scientology

Jason Lee’s Ex-Wife Claims Church ‘Didn’t Care’ About Actor’s Violence...

Now more than ever, former Scientologists like Leah Remini are coming forward to share explosive claims about their time within the church. Scientologis… READ MORE


Tom Cruise's BFF David Miscavige Makes Kooky Scientology Claims

Scientology leader David Miscavige, who is best pals with Tom Cruise, claims his followers “are the rock and fortress of humanity.”

During a … READ MORE


Kirstie Alley & Kelly Preston Recognized At Special Church Ceremony

Tom Cruise gets all the spotlight for being a superstar celebrity Scientologist, but RadarOnline.com has learned that he has some competition for the tit… READ MORE


Kirstie Alley & Kelly Preston Recognized At Special Church Ceremony

Tom Cruise gets all the spotlight for being a superstar celebrity Scientologist, but RadarOnline.com has learned that he has some competition for the tit… READ MORE


Beyonce Caught In Secret Scientology Scandal

Beyonce and Jay Z have long been the subject of ridiculous rumors linking them to the Illuminati and other secret societies. But RadarOnline.com has learn… READ MORE

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Keeping The Faith: Tom Cruise Still A Proud Scientologist

Shelve those rumors that Tom Cruise has quit Scientology — the Hollywood actor was spotted in London recently flaunting his faith, RadarOnline.c… READ MORE


Tom Cruise Supports Son Connor’s ‘Soul Searching’

Connor Cruise recently returned to the states after a trip through the Saharan Desert in Africa, where “he was soul searching,” a friend of Cruise’s tells RREAD MORE

Juliette Lewis: Tom Cruise Is Victim Of Anti-Scientology Conspiracy

The Cape Fear star chimes in with some interesting theories about the A-lister.… READ MORE