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NEW PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson – Hottie In A Hoodie On Set Of Remember M...

Robert Pattinson played it low key on the Remember Me set, wearing a hoodie and sunglasses, as he wrapped up filming a scene for the thriller on Friday in New Y… READ MORE

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Robert Pattinson’s Bloody Monday

Even bloody cuts can do little to detract from Robert Pattinson’s handsome face. The British actor was spotted looking roughed up as he continued shooting … READ MORE

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RPattz Wraps Up Filming With Mayhem!

It was rumored that Friday was the last day of filming for Rob Pattinson on the Remember Me set in NYC, and has an exclusive blog from TwilighREAD MORE

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Battered & Bruised In Brooklyn! Robert Pattinson’s Shocking Photo...

Robert Pattinson appeared battered, bloodied and bruised on the set of Remember Me in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday.

See more photos of RPattz on the set of READ MORE

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Rob-mania in NYC!

Who is Rob Pattison bunking down with tonight? has new photos or RPattz on the set of Remember Me filming in NYC Friday, and it was Rob-mani… READ MORE

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Robert Pattinson Black And Blue On Remember Me Set

Robert Pattinson, filming Remember Me in New York, looked like he had been mugged on the subway Wednesday. Fortunately, it’s just movie magic.


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VIDEO: Pap Frenzy Ruins Scene On Pattinson’s New Movie

Robert Pattinson is known to cause scenes — even when he’s filming them.

See photos of Pattinson on the set of Remember Me

The handsome TwilighREAD MORE

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RPattz (Chain) Smokin' Hot In The Big Apple

Hunky Robert Pattinson — looking casual and relaxed — was spotted taking a break on the set of his upcoming film, Remember Me, in New York on Tue… READ MORE

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RPattz's Adoring Public Awaits

Robert Pattinson and his Remember Me co-stars, Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan, were spotted walking from their hotel to the set of the film in New York Ci… READ MORE

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Pattinson Continues to Heat Up New York

Though filming on the third Twilight installment begins in Canada next month, Robert Pattinson is still keeping tongues wagging in New York as he finished … READ MORE

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RPattz In New York Makes For A Hot Summer In The City

Robert Pattinson continues to turn New York upside down as he shoots dozens of outdoor scenes for his upcoming film, Remember Me. Femme fans, young and old a… READ MORE

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RPattz Back In Black On Remember Me Set

Who cares if its summer? Robert Pattinson wears black well.

The handsome Twilight star, normally clad in plaid when going casual, donned an all-black outf… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Incites Beatlemania-like Frenzy In Big Apple

Start spreading the news — RPattz is in town.

Robert Pattinson, clad in a plaid shirt, was mobbed by more than a hundred screaming girls on the Queens set of hi… READ MORE

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RPattz Back To Dapper Self On NY Movie Set

Robert Pattinson Wednesday, just a day removed from looking like the victim of a New York mugging, was back to his debonair self, dressed up in a suit and spor… READ MORE

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RPattz: Bruised, Bloodied & Beautiful

Robert Pattinson – attacked?

Fortunately, it’s just the magic of movie make-up. RPattz continued his work Tuesday on the New York set of his upcoming film, … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Twilight Fan Watches RPattz & Pierce Brosnan On S...

Rob Pattinson sported a banged up face Tuesday while filming Remember Me, and our blogger Laura from London spent her birthday watching RPattz and Pierce BREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Twilight Fan Catches Rob Pattinson Filming

Rob Pattinson looked oh so handsome while filming Remember Me in the rain in New York on Thursday, and our blogger Laura from London caught him filming while READ MORE

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HOT PIC: RPattz Likes New York In June

It was another day at the office Monday for Robert Pattinson, who was shooting his upcoming flick, Remember Me, in New York’s iconic Central Park.


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RPattz Has A Custom Eye for Style

Rob Pattinson is known for his signature good looks, but now the Twilight hottie is teaming his studliness with fab fashion especially in the eyewear depar… READ MORE