iJerk? Ex-Lover Says Steve Jobs ‘Was Just Meaner Than Anyone Ever Needed To Be’

Chrisann Brennan, the high school lover who had a daughter with late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, paints a dark portrait of the late inventor in her new memoir, admitting… READ ON

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It’s Official! 50 Shades Of Grey’s New Leading Man: Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan has been selected to replace Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey in the much-anticipated screen adaptation of 50 Shades Of Grey, has learned.
The 31-year-old soap hunkREAD ON

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Too Little, Too Late? Rielle Hunter Says She’s ‘Very Sorry For My Wrong, Selfish Behavior’ In John Edwards Affair

Rielle Hunter says she’s sorry for her affair with former presidential candidate John Edwards.
“I behaved badly,” Hunter writes in a new blog published on The Huffington Post. “That… READ ON


Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s Secret Pain: Why He Skipped His Own Sister’s Funeral After She Died From Drug Overdose

After a long, dark struggle with addiction, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has emerged from the other side, strong and sober. Sadly, his sister, Leslie, wasn’t so lucky: Her own… READ ON

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‘The Wildest House In Hollywood’: Jack Nicholson’s Drug-Fueled Sordid Sex Parties REVEALED In New Tell-All Book

It’s the end of an era in Hollywood: Jack Nicholson has retired from acting, as has reported – and he’s ready to live out the rest of his life… READ ON