Gravity Can't Contain Her! Sandra Bullock Is Plotting TV Version Of 'Miss Congeniality’

Sandra Bullock, who is nominated for a best actress Oscar for Gravity, is quietly plotting to return to TV producing, has learned.

The star who made millions of dollars producing The George Lopez Show from 2002-2007, “is planning on producing a comedic TV version of her smash movie series Miss Congeniality that’s being described as Bridesmaids Meets 24,'”a source who has worked closely with Bullock told Radar.

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“Sandra loved her Miss Congeniality FBI agent character Gracie Hart and the concept so much that for years she has continued to keep up friendships with FBI agents she met while researching it, ” the source said.

Bullock, who won an Academy Award for The Blind Side, also played an FBI agent in the buddy comedy The Heat opposite Melissa McCarthy last year.

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“Sandra loves that real FBI agents, particularly female ones, continue to respond to and write her letters about both Miss Congeniality and The Heat.”

The source said Bullock can’t wait to find the perfect actress to play Hart, who went undercover at a beauty pageant in the original 2000 Miss Congeniality.

“Sandra just feels like it’s time to bring this story to a new generation!”

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