Kardashian Nanny Tells All: Kris’ Temper Tantrums, Girls Fighting Over Designer Clothes, Khloe Mocked For Her Weight

Pam Behan, the former nanny to the Kardashian family who took care of KourtneyKimKhloe and Rob between 1991 and 1996, is telling all about America’s most famous reality TV family in her explosive new book, Malibu Nanny: Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny.

Behan — a then 19-year-old student at Pepperdine University, who had previously worked for Bruce’s ex-wife Linda Thompson looking after their kids, Brandon and Brody — joined the Kardashian family on the day Kris married former Olympic superstar Bruce Jenner. She tells the new issue of Star magazine that when she first met the kids, she found most of them to be pleasant and reasonably well-behaved. Mom Kris, on the other hand, would prove to be a different story.

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Writing of the oldest Kardashian sister Kourtney, Behan describes her as “a serious child, (who) always speaks her mind… She seems unhappy.”

In describing Kim, Pam writes: “Even as a 10-year-old child, she is stunning. She seems a bit on the quiet side but is sweet and friendly towards me.”

Perhaps, not surprisingly, she calls Khloe – who was only 6-years-old at the time – “a pistol, full of energy, with a long, thick mane of hair; she and Rob run all over the grounds of the mansion.”

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As for Rob, she calls him “mostly sweet and precious.. but he is a 4-year-old boy and has moments of mischievousness.”

And then there’s mom Kris.

Pam says while she was on good terms with Bruce, Kris was “tenacious and does not take ‘no’ for an answer.”

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To illustrate her point, Pam writes of one particularly upsetting incident. She says, “Kris gave me a shopping list and told me to go to the grocery store. When I got home, Kris said, ‘Where is the broccoli?’ I told her broccoli was not on the list. She immediately lost her temper, yelling, ‘I can’t f*cking believe you f*cking forgot the f*cking broccoli!:

Pam tells Star, “I was completely shocked. At that moment Bruce stuck his head out the door and said, ‘Kris, why are you talking to Pam like that?’ Kris just yelled, ‘Never mind – I’ll get the f*cking broccoli for you!’ Things were very awkward after that.”

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She says she considered quitting after Kris’ profanity-laced outburst, but she decided to stay for the children.

Pam says Kris was especially hard on Khloe. “Kris used to poke fun at Khloe and her weight issues. She was mean.”

Another source told Star that Kris “would say things like, ‘You aren’t allowed to have cookies, Khloe. You are getting a little chubby.’ It definitely left a scar on Khloe’s psyche.”

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Pam says Kris encouraged the girls to dress well, but that they would wear an outfit only once or twice before giving it away.

“Kris liked to flaunt how much money they had,” Pam says.

She also paints the girls as being incredibly self-centered. “The girls were all so selfish and shallow – a family of fakes! They would have knock-down, drag-out fights over designer clothes. By the end, they would be crying and bleeding. It was bad!”

She says she eventually realized Southern California was not for her, and she moved back to the Midwest, where she’s raising her 6-year-old son in a more normal environment.

To read more about Pam’s experiences as a Malibu Nanny, pick up a copy of Star Magazine — on newsstands Thursday.

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