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Andrew Koenig’s Parents Return Home to L.A.

Still coming to grips with their son Andrew Koenig’s suicide, Walter and Judy Koenig returned home to Los Angeles on Tuesday to pick up the pieces of their lives. RadarOnline.com has the photos from their somber return.

Walter (best known as Mr. Chekov in the Star Trek series) and Judy had originally flown to Vancouver to search for their son and held a tear-filled press conference on February 26 mere hours after the Growing Pains star’s body was found in the city’s Stanley Park.

Andrew Koenig Committed Suicide

“The only other thing I want to say is, we’ve already said what a great guy he was, what a great human being. He was obviously in a lot of pain,” Walter said at the press conference. “If you’re one of these people who feel like you can’t handle it anymore, there are people out there who really care. You might not think so and ultimately it might not be enough, but there are people out there who really, really care.”

EXCLUSIVE: Last Known Letter From Andrew Koenig

Koenig was reported missing after he missed a flight back to Los Angeles on February 16 after visiting pals on Valentine’s Day. RadarOnline.com exclusively reported Koenig had given his landlord 30 days notice on his Venice, CA, apartment in January and moved out, without securing a new home, on February 4th. In addition, Koenig had been selling off his belongings before leaving for Canada to visit friends.