PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Parties Through The Night Before Leaving Cannes

On what were set to be her final hours in Cannes, Lindsay Lohan took her Friday night parting well into Saturday morning, and has all the pictures.

PHOTOS: Londay Lohan Enjoys Her Final Night In Cannes

Looking glam in a mini toga-style dress, Lindsay enjoyed several yacht parties, moving from ship to ship with her friends.

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Lindsay is planning to land back in Los Angeles late Saturday.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Sneaks Off A Yacht In Cannes

In a wide-ranging, exclusive interview with, Dina Lohan said her daughter would likely attend one of her court-ordered alcohol education classes on Sunday.

Lindsay’s now-famous lost passport caused her to miss a court appearance for a DUI probation status hearing last Thursday in Beverly Hills.

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The judge subsequently issued a warrant for Lohan’s arrest, but she was able to post bond, clearing the way for her to not be taken into custody when she lands back on U.S. soil.

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In the interview with Dina, Lindsay’s mom also made the startling claim that her daughter had been advised not to come home the moment she received her emergency temporary passport. The attorney, Dina said wanted to get the bail posted first, and that’s been done.

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO INTERVIEW: Dina Lohan Says Lindsay Was Warned Not To Come Home

Dina also told that she believes Judge Revel has been hard on her daughter.

“The judge is making an example out of her because of her celebrity status, which I don’t think is fair,” Dina said.

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