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Heidi Bivens

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Jennifer Aniston’s First Tattoo Inked In Memory Of Her Dog

by Radar Staff

First, Jennifer Aniston is accused of stealing her new boyfriend away from his live in girlfriend and now…. she’s gotten a tatt… READ MORE


Jennifer Aniston Tapes ‘Inside The Actor’s Studio’ — Brings Just...

by Radar Staff

Jennifer Aniston and her new lover Justin Theroux were spotted at New York’s Pace University for a taping of Bravo’s Inside the READ MORE


A Closer Look At Jennifer Aniston’s New Man, Justin Theroux

By Adam S. Levy
Radar Staff Writer

So just who is Jennifer Aniston’s new lover, Justin Theroux?

PHOTOS: A Closer Look At Justin Theroux

He’s been a wor… READ MORE


Jennifer Aniston: Another Love Triangle?!?

by Radar Staff

Did Jennifer Aniston pull an Angelina Jolie on Heidi Bivens?

Aniston, who Brad Pitt famously left to be with his Mr. and Mrs.Smith costar, is n… READ MORE