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Storm Chasers

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Three Discovery Channel ‘Storm Chasers’ Stars Killed In Ok...

Legendary storm chaser Tim Samaras was killed Friday, along with his son, Carl Samaras, and their crew member Carl Young.

The three men, who appear on Disco… READ MORE


AMAZING VIDEO: Storm Chasers Tape Killer Tornadoes Down South

By Radar Staff

The video is both amazing and frightening.

Storm chasers, risking their own lives, videotaped a staggering number of killer tornadoes that … READ MORE

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Meet Storm Chasers’ Reed Timmer

When the weather reports say “severe” and “evacuate”—most people do everything in their power to run far, far away. But then there’s meteorologist Reed Ti… READ MORE

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TV: Sunday Hot List

We’re so sad that this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming to an end. It’s been so great see Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David desperately attempt to keep a s… READ MORE

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TV: Thursday Hot List

Thursday nights and NBC traditionally equaled must-see TV. Thursdays was the home of such beloved NBC hits like The Cosby Show and Friends. Well, we’re hap… READ MORE