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VIDEO: Tyra Banks “Wigs Out” On Talk Show

Tyra Banks is going back to her roots. Literally.

On Tuesday’s premiere of the fifth season of her Emmy-winning talk show, Tyra unveiled her “real hair” – ye… READ MORE

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Tyra Banks To Go Natural For Talk Show Season Premiere

Tyra Banks Tuesday will take the stage of the season premier of the fifth-season of her self-titled talk show with no wigs, extensions, sew-ins, fusion wea… READ MORE

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Ciara Halts The Hair Trend — Goes Back To Long Locks

Less than a month ago Ciara chopped off her hair and dove, clippers first, into the uber-trendy short bob do, following in the shear-marks of frequent pap ta… READ MORE

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Check With The Stars: Blond Or Honey-Kissed Locks

The old adage goes that blonds have more fun, but check with the stars and judge for yourself — is it blonds — or rather, honey-kissed brunettes … READ MORE

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Extensions Are Out — Shaved, Cropped, & Bobbed Dos Are In!

From the hip-hop world to Washington’s elite, the leading ladies in fashion are shaving, crop-chopping and bobbing their manes all the way to the re… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Michael Jackson’s Hair on Fire

Remember when Michael Jackson’s hair famously caught fire while filming a Pepsi commercial?

Even if you don’t, US Weekly has the video from 1984, where Jac… READ MORE

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To The Rescue: Fekkai Marine Summer Hair

Ah, summer! Hot sun, swimming in the ocean and the pool, cocktails with umbrellas in it — these are just a few of my favorite things. But one thing we’re … READ MORE

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Chace Crawford: New Hair Cut, New Girl Friend

Chace Crawford went back to work on the new season of Gossip Girl on Monday, and his new, shorter hair cut was the talk of the set.  Gone is his signature, down-… READ MORE

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Idol’s Adam Lambert On His Sexuality: “Keep Speculating...

Adam Lambert, the breakout American Idol talent whose second-place finish shocked many, has a message for the nosy speculators about what goes on in his be… READ MORE

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Susan Boyle’s Makeover: Celeb Style & Beauty Gurus Weigh-In!

The stout Scottish lassie turned overnight international singing phenomenon Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent has the voice of a mega-star, b… READ MORE

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“Only Your Hairdresser Knows For Sure”

Now that we can’t afford to go to the hair dresser as often as we want, or frankly, need The Styl Styk is a life-saver. The unique two-pronged hairstyling comb … READ MORE

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Megan Fox’s Sexy New “Do”

The Transformers actress has transformed her look.

Check out Megan Fox‘s sexy new “do.”

It’s a bit shorter… a bit lighte… READ MORE