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Adam Goldstein

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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Drew Believes Prescription Meds Led To DJ AM’s De...

The sudden death of DJ AM, or Adam Goldstein, continues to baffle his friends and fans. One such friend, Dr. Drew Pinsky, believes that Goldstein’s p… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Brent Bolthouse Holds DJ AM Vigil

Brent Bolthouse, the highly successful club promoter and close personal friend of Adam Goldstein, held a vigil for the deceased DJ at his Hollywood home Su… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: DJ AM Told Friends He Suffered “Survivor’s Guil...

In a crushing email sent to a friend just a month after his September 2008 plane crash, Adam Goldstein revealed that he was suffering from depression.


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EXCLUSIVE: DJ AM’s Friend Reacts To Death

DJ Scotty Boy, a friend, arrived at Adam’s apartment at 8:45 p.m. tonight, telling “I can’t believe this has happened. I saw him just last … READ MORE

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Stars React To DJ AM’s Death On Twitter

In keeping with the nature of Twitter, it was only a matter of seconds before memorials and messages of shock and disbelief poured in from celebrities regar… READ MORE

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BREAKING NEWS: Drug Paraphernalia Found At Scene Of DJ AM’s Deat... has confirmed through an NYPD insider that drug paraphernalia was discovered at the New York City apartment of DJ AM shortly after he pass… READ MORE

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Pictures of DJ AM’s Apartment

These are pictures of the NYC apartment where Adam Goldstein, AKA DJ AM’s body was found on Friday.

Click here for more pictures

The $1.995 million ap… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Travis Barker and DJ AM Lawsuit Controversy

The lawsuit filed by Travis Barker, AdamDJ AMGoldstein and the Estate of Travis’ assistant Chris Barker in connection with the crash of their chartered … READ MORE