Fighting Words: Carlton Gebbia Slams 'Bigot' Kyle Richards, Declares She Is Trash & Has No Moral Compass! 

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Fighting Words: Carlton Gebbia Slams 'Bigot' Kyle Richards, Declares She Is Trash & Has No Moral Compass! 

Getting one final swipe in after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Carlton Gebbia slammed her castmate Kyle Richards for her contradictory behavior throughout the entire season.

After Richards – once again – blamed Lisa Vanderpump for bringing up the tabloid story about her husband’s alleged cheating, Gebbia reflected on her co-stars’ mean girl behavior.

“Overall it was quite amusing sitting there and watching Kyle bouncing around on the couch like a caged animal ready to pounce. She’s snarling at me and then at Lisa, blaming her for her husband’s tabloids. Slightly misplaced anger I say.

“Whining about how it could damage her life, her family, her husband and her business. Yes here it comes. . .Really??? You mean like calling someone Anti-Semitic! A deliberate and calculated attack on my character and family, which only goes to prove my point about this vile woman,” Gebbia vented on her Bravo blog.

Speaking about the reunion, Gebbia noted she’s still Team Vanderpump – but could barely get a word in over the other feuding housewives.

“All I’ve witnessed is Kyle bellowing over Lisa and I whenever we want to answer or say anything. How can anyone get a word in, let alone a sentence with this crap. Seems like she’s the one who doesn’t want anyone to hear the truth,” Gebbia noted.

“Kyle definitely has a Pack Mentality… She is trash!”

Gebbia, who felt Richards had attacked her Wiccan beliefs throughout the entire season, had no remorse about calling her co-star a “bigot.”

“I look back at the despicable behavior of Kyle Richards and am now not surprised by her asinine behavior.

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“After all, why would I be shocked by what she’s called me when she can publicly humiliate her own sister, her own flesh and blood, Kim by viciously outing her on camera for the world to view. That is exactly who Kyle is, no moral compass whatsoever,” Gebbia concluded.