Is This The Meanest Publicist In Hollywood? Power Trip Rep Blasted As ‘Disrespectful & Condescending’ After Red Carpet Video Leaks Online

Hollywood publicist Bryna Rifkin has made a name for herself — and it’s not a good one.

Video leaked this week of the ID Public Relations publicist on the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival in mid-September with her client, actress Marion Cotillard, acting nothing short of rude to a waiting reporter.

The shocking video was published on a YouTube page by Catherine Beauchamp, the French-Canadian reporter who had the misfortune of running into Rifkin on the red carpet.

“I have to take her in after this, the movie starts,” Rifkin tells reporter.

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“She told us we could have one question,” Beauchamp responds.

“Nobody, nobody told you that,” Rifkin tells her in what is being described as a “disrespectful and condescending” tone.

“I actually even told them that we won’t have time.”

But that wasn’t enough for Rifkin, who then turns around with more choice words for the journalist.

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“And either way, I’m saying no,” she snaps at Beauchamp.

“You’re not nice,” Beauchamp mutters.

“You’re being aggressive,” Rifkin states.

“I’m not being aggressive at all, I’m very sweet,” Beauchamp says, defending herself. She even tries to get Cotillard’s attention as she walks by on the carpet but the actress is carefully guarded and whisked away by Rifkin.

Comments were quick to fly in Beauchamp’s defense on YouTube with readers leaving comments like, “On behalf of all publicists everywhere, that publicist is a b*tch!”

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Another reader writes, “This woman looks so nasty and disrespectful. And her job is to teach others how to behave in public and generate the most positive image possible?, yeah right! Look at her at 0:15, how old is she to be so obnoxiously vulgar through facial expressions? I have the greatest admiration for M Cotillard and I hope that she is not nasty like her publicist in real life. Plus congrats to Catherine to have remained a classy lady!”

“She could have just politely said there’s not enough time anymore,” another person wrote.

According to Rifkin’s work bio, she has worked with Hollywood stars like Jennifer LawrenceMichael ShannonNatalie PortmanChristina Ricci and Mira Sorvino. She entered college at the age of 16 and got her Bachelor’s Degree from George Washington University and a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Arts in London.

A comment request from Radar sent to Rifkin on Monday afternoon went unreturned.

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