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X-Pensive: Marilyn Monroe X-Ray Commands $45K In Auction

Elton was right: Marilyn Monroe‘s candle still burns bright, as an X-ray of the late starlet’s chest sold for $45,000 from Julien’s Au… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Doctor Claims Oscar The Cat Has Predicted 50 Deaths

The saying goes “curiosity killed the cat,” but this cat’s curiosity is a killer in and of itself.

Meet Oscar the cat — actually, you don’t want … READ MORE

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Weirdest Breakfast Cereals

With all the focus on nutrition and organic food in the news, it’s made us fondly remember a time — not so long ago — when none of that matte… READ MORE

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9 Weirdest Sports In The World

Imagine Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier slugging it out for a round in one of history’s greatest boxing matches and then when the bell rings sitting down for a ga… READ MORE

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8 Weirdest Holidays From Around The World

We don’t think anybody should need an excuse to celebrate but apparently not everyone feels that way. After doing a little digging, the staff at RadarOnlin… READ MORE

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World’s Weirdest TV Shows

Given the variety of bad shows available on American TV, was curious to find the worst TV shows from other countries. So we enlisted the aid … READ MORE