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Jeffrey Donovan

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Burn Notice Star “Nobody Has Been Stupid Enough...

Burn Notice’s Jeffrey Donovan says his tough guy TV persona translates into real life, “No one has ever been silly enough or stupid enough to attack me,” RadREAD MORE

RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE: Burn Notice Star Keeps Drinking After DUI

Perhaps Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan needs to get burned again before learning his lesson.

See Jeffrey Donovan’s mugshot & read more details of hiREAD MORE

RADAR Online

Bashful Burn Notice Star Jeffrey Donovan Stands Under His Umbrella

Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan Tuesday made like Rihanna, taking refuge under an umbrella while filming the show in a public park in Miami, Florida.


RADAR Online

New Details of Burn Notice DUI: He Crashed Into a Police Cruiser!

Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan was arrested for a DUI on July 11 and has all of the new details! After he crashed into a Miami Beach Police C… READ MORE