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Cameron Diaz Reveals Adult Acne Struggle: ‘I Always Felt Really ...

Cameron Diaz‘s face has graced movie screens, magazine covers, and more throughout her years as an actress and model. But her gorgeous looks haven&… READ MORE

wendys marijuana joint

Biggie Blunt! Wendy’s Worker Canned, Arrested After Ashy Joint W...

If only Dave Thomas was alive to see this …

A 32-year-old Georgia woman was arrested and fired from her gig at Wendy’s after she “misplacedR… READ MORE

Jessica Simpson arrives to the Chateau Marmont at 2AM with fiance Eric Johnson and friends in West Hollywood

The New Face Of Weight Watchers, Jessica Simpson, Binges On Late Night...

Jessica Simpson, who this week re-upped with Weight Watchers for her second post-pregnancy pound-shedding odyssey, still can’t resist the sweet … READ MORE

McDonalds Boob PP

A Cheeseburger With A Side Of Flirt! McDonald’s Server Asks Woma...

McDonald‘s has been forced to apologize to an Australian customer who says she was left “dumbfounded” after a server twice asked if … READ MORE

Splash News

Oh The Horror! Jennifer Aniston Says She Was Forced To Eat A Big Mac O...

Jennifer Aniston is not loving it! She has clearly been taking notes from her buddy Gwyneth Paltrow because she recently revealed that she once ate a McDonaREAD MORE

Another Fast Food Meltdown! Wendy’s Customer Goes Berserk When Cheese ...

Something about fast food is apparently bringing out the worst in both customers and employees lately!

A new epic meltdown is caught on tape, taking its pla… READ MORE

ice cream machine eat on job

Another Fast Food Horror Story! Wendy’s Worker Caught Doing Something ...

Cancel that ice soft serve ice cream please!

In  yet another fast food horror story, a Wendy’s employee was photographed eating soft serve ice cream straig… READ MORE


Man Loved Burger King So Much Family Buried Him With A Whopper Jr., He...

Well, at least he had it his way.

88-year-old David Kime, Jr. received a whooper of a send-off at his funeral this weekend in York, Pennsylvania – he was such a … READ MORE


Man Collapses While Chowing On A Triple Bypass Burger At The Heart Att...

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

They certainly can’t be accused of false advertising!

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas certainly lived up to its n… READ MORE