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Becky Altringer

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RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE: Quaids In Court, Case Continued – They Get Served Wit...

Randy and Evi Quaid were back in court on Monday to appear for a preliminary hearing on their individual felony charges of defrauding an innkeeper. The case … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: PI Files Restraining Order Against Randy & Evi Quaid: ...

The ever crazy antics of Randy and Evi Quaid show no signs of declining, and unfortunately they actually seem to be increasing with time.

In fact, according … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Quaid Craziness Continues – More Threatening Messages...

The Quaids are continuing their campaign of terror over the phone lines, as another victim comes forward to tell that she too has been rece… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Randy And Evi Quaid's Crazy Threatening Voicemai...

It’s been a while since we have heard from everyone’s favorite crazy Quaids — Randy and Evi.

But unfortunately, that’s not the c… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: More Wacky Goings On With Randy And Evi Quaid!

With this exclusive video can offer you a peek into the ever increasingly wacky lives of Randy and Evi Quaid.

The video, which was shot when … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Evi Quaid Thinks Mafia Is Taping Her Calls, Investigator Te...

Evi Quaid thinks the mafia is taping her cell phone calls, according to a private investigator who worked for Evi and husband Randy.

Read The Letter Sent By BREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Evi Quaid Thinks Mob Is Out To Kill Her Says P.I....

Following their no-show in a Santa Barbara Superior Court on Monday, Randy & Evi Quaid’s former private Investigator, Becky Altringer, told RadarOnREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Evi Quaid’s Threatening Letter To Former PI

Despite being arrested and charged with three felonies for unpaid hotel bills and  being sued for alleged libelous comments about a Texas deputy sheriff, … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Randy & Evi Quaid Cheated Their 87-Year-Old Landlord O...

We’re not trying to push the sympathy card here, but seriously — ripping off an old lady? has been breaking all sorts of documented s… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Randy & Evi Quaid Hire New Lawyer to Work Out Deal Wit...

Accused swindlers Randy and Evi Quaid have hired Houston-based criminal defense lawyer Dick DeGuerin to defend them on their current felony charges.


RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE: P.I. Says Evi Quaid Used A Bad Credit Card Under The Name &... is uncovering new details about the sordid ways Randy and Evi Quaid allegedly scammed various hotels and other businesses.

The couples&… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Dennis Quaid Won’t Talk to Brother Randy; “Afraid” of Evi...

With all of the drama unfolding around Randy and Evi Quaid, one person is staying decidedly quiet. The actor’s famous brother, Dennis Quaid, has stayed awa… READ MORE

RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE: Randy Quaid Being Investigated By Police

It has not been the best month for Brokeback Mountain star Randy Quaid. With one lawsuit already simmering in the courts, has learned that … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Private Investigator Fears For Randy Quaid’s Li...

Private detective Becky Altringer got more than she bargained for when she accepted an assignment from Randy Quaid’s wife Evi to investigate murde… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Private Investigator Files For Restraining Order Against Ra...

Actor Randy Quaid‘s wife Evi asked a top private detective to investigate death threats against them – but the investigator ended up filing a … READ MORE