Wednesday Wear: Best And Worst

Charlize Theron looked anything but dull, when she stepped out onto the Parisian streets on Tuesday, dressed head-to-toe in shades of grey. The blond bombshell rocked a long top under a blazer with skintight leggings, stiletto boots and oversized shades, showing off timeless and tasteful style. Over in New York, fashion’s outrageous Olympian, Johnny Weir, sported women’s designer duds from head, (Louis Vuitton scarf) to toe (patent leather, pointy-toed boots.)

PHOTOS: Charlize Theron, Johnny Weir, Courteney Cox, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga And Other Celebs In The Best And Worst Of Wedenesday Wear

In Los Angeles, Courteney Cox and Jamie Lee Curtis jazzed up all black threads with clever footwear, while Kelly Osbourne took a misstep a la mode, wearing socks with pink heels.

PHOTOS: More Best And Worst

Lady Gaga was up to her usual attire antics, stepping out in her version of a skirt. What was so ridiculous about it? Check out the gallery in Style and find out.

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