Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren Reunite For Kid’s Baseball Game

Tiger Woods’ new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn is so devoted to the golfer she sat in his car for an HOUR while he watched daughter Samantha_ five_ play junior baseball. Eye witnesses said the downhill skiing champion probably stayed in Woods_ black Mercedes rather than risk coming face_to_face with Woods_ ex_wife Elin_ who was also watching the event _ though they sat at opposites ends of the stadium.
Vonn_ who is recuperating from a bad fall while competing_ was seen sweeping back her blonde hair in the front passenger seat as Woods_ car pulled away after the game. Her crutches were on the back seat. She has been staying on 37_year_old Woods_ luxury yacht_ Privacy_ near his home in Jupiter_ Florida. Woods and Vonn_ 28_ announced their relationship to the world on Monday_ scuppering reports that he has been attempting to win back Nordegren_ who received _100 million as a divorce settlement. Woods_ marriage to Swedish ex_nanny Nordegren_ 33_ officially ended in 2010 after his affairs with s

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