5. The Official Case File On Joran Van Der Sloot ‹ Why He Is Guilty & How Police Recreated Murder Scene: (Translation)– INCRIMINATING ELEMENTS The Homicides Division has established the presumed authorship of the dutch Joran van der Sloot (22) on the murder of Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez (21) by the following considerations: 1. by his confession 2. by the dead information 3. by the Certificate of Recognition 4. by the Parking registry of the victim’s vehicle at the Casino “Atlantic City” 5. by the results of the Criminalistic information (Biologic, fingerprinting and others) 6. by the testimony of the drivers 7. by the recovery of the stuff and clothes of the foreign citizen in possession of the drivers 8. by the removal of money, bank account cards and vehicle of the victim Hot Pix
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