4. The Official Case File On Joran Van Der Sloot ‹ Why He Is Guilty & How Police Recreated Murder Scene: (Translation)– INVESTIGATION The dutch citizen Joran Andreas Petrus van der Sloot, arrived in Peru the 14th of May 2010 through the International Airport “Jorge Chavez”, from Colombia and stayed in room 309 of the Hotel-Restaurant “TAC” located in the Avenue Republic of Panama 6160, Miraflores, his presence in Lima was due to his interest in participating of the Latinoamerican Tournament of Poker that was held in the Casino Atlantic City where he met Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez on the 27th of May on the building of the Casino. On May 29th 2010, the dutch Joran van der Sloot encountered with Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez (21) at the Casino “Atlantic City” while participating on a poker game that lasted until 05:00 hours, approximately, of the 30th of May, after which both left on the car with plate A1B-533, property of the victim On the 30th of May, at 05:20 hrs, Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez (21) arrived at the Hotel “TAC” driving her car with Joran van der Sloot (22) and after parking in the front of the building both went inside the room 309. Around 08:13 hours Joran leaves to buy to cups of coffee returning to the room and staying at the hotel until the 08:45 hrs of the same day when he left the place driving the car. 6. The Official Case File On Joran Van Der Sloot ‹ Why He Is Guilty & How Police Recreated Murder Scene: (Translation)– La DIRINCRI (Criminal Investigation Directorate) after determining the presumed involvement of the mentioned foreigner in the criminal event asked to the Public Ministry and to the Justice his detention Immediately was coordinated with the Migratory Direction who informed that the dutch citizen left the country on the 31st of May around noon by land to Chile After that, the General Directorate of the National Police coordinated with INTERPOL (Chilean office) and the Interior Ministry did the same with the Chilean counterpart Such coordination ended with the location and capture on Route 68 (Santiago-Valparaiso), expel from Chile and put on hands of the Peruvian police Ways and Circumstances how the murder was committed - Causal that triggered the criminal event - Physical aggression - Preparations for escape - Escape itinerary
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