25. Lenny Kravitz still wants us to LET LOVE RULE, rocking his classic Ray Ban shades on the red carpet. 2. The Official Case File On Joran Van Der Sloot ‹ Why He Is Guilty & How Police Recreated Murder Scene: (Translation)– KNOWLEDGE OF THE FACT The 02JUN10, being 00:30, Adely Abad Marchena (21), Hotel “Tac” recepcionist, located on the avenue República de Panamá No. 6160, Miraflores, found the body of Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramírez (21).inside the room No.309 of the hotel. (theres is a draw) LEFT First box: Tickets del Casino Atlantica City Second box: Camera of the third floor, located on the hallway RIGHT First box: 02jun10 – 02:40 Finding of the corpse of Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramírez (21). By the witness Adely Abad Marchena (21). Second box: the corpse was found in lateral position with the arms extended and legs against the wall. Dead data 48 to 72 hours
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