11. Uma Thurman – Uma walks, practices yoga, and pilates to stay in shape. She also enjoys horse back riding, skiing, and snowboarding. To prepare for her role in Kill Bill, Thurman lost 50 pounds using the nutrifit system, running and walking on the treadmill, and stretching. Uma was also required to practice dozens of kicks each day, sometimes for a full hour a day. She also spent hours every afternoon learning how to wield a samurai sword by working with the Chinese martial-arts expert Master Wo-Ping Yuen and Sonny Chiba (Photo: Splash News) 13. Stephanie Seymour –While her slender size 8 figure came naturally to her when she was younger, Stephanie puts in lotsof effort to maintain it nowadays. We’re talking a high-protein diet and a rigorous exercise regime of Pilates, cardio work and yoga. (Photo: Bauer-Griffin)
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