7. Kim Kardashian, the same night, wore an enhanced, curve-clinging, little black Topshop mini-dress with "cosmic" shoulder embellishments to host the Aces & Angels Celebrity Poker Party at the Playboy Mansion in L.A. The overly-photographed and fashion-savvy starlet's silver necklace adds a glam factor to her ensemble, transforming her look from simple and trendy to statement and chic! Double K is always a style ace we like keeping up with! 2. #9. THE LAND UNKNOWN (1957): Long before global warming was a hot topic, scientists found a super-hot jungle in Antarctica where actors in canvas-costumes moped around pretending to be dinosaurs. Naturally, they went to explore by helicopter, which turned out to be a little too fragile for the journey. Duh! The South Pole!
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