6. 7. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: Hammerhead Enterprises, 1981. What were they thinking? Capital Punishment offers 4 players the grizzly job of cleaning up our violent streets. With pardoning liberals at your disposal and “innocent” victims at stake, the first player to imprison all felons on Death Row – or send them to the electric chair – wins. (Warning: handcuffs not included). 8. 5. POPPIN HOPPIES: Ideal, 1968. This trippy game featured spring loaded, suction cupped “hoppies” (dome-headed plastic with eyes) that, when squashed, would pop up for players to catch. For every caught hoppie, the player received a plastic piece used to assemble a man. The first one to make the man was the winner. Dunno what the guys were on when they came up with this.
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