9. 3. Knight Rider, KITT For four seasons, modern-day knight errant David Knight tooled around in his talking 1982 black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. And while David Hasselhoff was cool, the car was way cooler. KITT (which stands for Knight Industries Three Thousand) had a soothing voice accompanied by red, pulsing grill lights and an artificially intelligent robot brain crammed under the hood. 11. 1. Batman, the Batmobile This atom-powered, overhauled1954 Lincoln Futura featured lasers, radar, a bat-tering ram (natch!), a chute for fast stops, reinflating tires, bazookas, mega-pickup and more. This customized black convertible with snazzy red trim served the Dynamic Duo in Gotham City from ’66-’68, where, fortunately for the crime fighters, it rarely rained. (Note: Some people claim the car is actually an overhauled 1955 Lincoln Futura.) HONORABLE MENTION: Due to popular demand, RadarOnline.com must add a reader’s favorite as honorable mention – the General Lee! That’s right Dukes of Hazard fans. You got your wish. There were several used on the show, and they were Chargers, model years 1968 and 1969.
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