8. 4. The Munsters, Munsters’ Koach Monstrous Herman and the gang hauled around their usual haunts in this eighteen foot custom hearse. Built in 1964 with parts used from three separate Model T’s, the coach had a powerful 289 Cobra engine with 10 chrome plated carburetors. In one episode, Herman actually drag-raced the big wheels. Grandpa Munster also had a coffin-on-wheels racer, the Drag-u-la, seen in the 1966 film Munster, Go Home! 10. 2. The Green Hornet, Black Beauty Sidekick Kato (Bruce Lee) chauffeured the crime-busting Green Hornet in and out of action in this sleeked-out black Chrysler Imperial. Throw in a couple front and rear rockets, smoke screen, a secret rotating garage platform, infra-green headlights, and even a spy-in-the-sky drone stored inside, and you’ve got a rolling arsenal!
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