7. 5. The Partridge Family, Chevy bus Way back in the 1970s, you know the best way to get five singing kids to a Vegas gig on time? In a trippy, hippy school bus, of course! The pop singing family bought the used 1957 Chevy and re-painted it with a mosaic of colors that lasted the four year run of the show. And with such precious cargo, including David Cassidy and a young Danny Bonaduce, it’s no wonder Mother was always so “nervous” while en route. 9. 3. Knight Rider, KITT For four seasons, modern-day knight errant David Knight tooled around in his talking 1982 black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. And while David Hasselhoff was cool, the car was way cooler. KITT (which stands for Knight Industries Three Thousand) had a soothing voice accompanied by red, pulsing grill lights and an artificially intelligent robot brain crammed under the hood.
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