STEAL HER STYLE: Katy Perry’s Custom California Gurls Daisy Dukes

While most California Gurls settle for simple daisy duke cutoff shorts, Katy Perry will not settle for anything but the glammest to show of her gams!  The sassy singer parades around her new music video in uber-embellished crystal embellished Diesel shorts, and can help you steal her custom couture cutoff look.

PHOTOS: Katy Perry And Her Custom Diesel Daisy Dukes

“Don’t be jelly about the custom Diesel daisy dukes!” the singer tweeted on May 15th about the blue, Swarovski crystal embellished shorts, made for her California Gurls music video.

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Want to steal Katy’s look?

Start with a pair of Mintha Diesel Cutoffs ($160), which you can buy online or at a store near you. Head over to your local beading store, and scoop up a Bedazzler (remember these things from the 1980’s?) and Swarovski crystals, in a darker shade (like bright blue) and also some a few shades lighter. Start bedazzling the seams and belt loops with the lighter color, and then use the darker color for the rest.  It may take hours, but the result will be well worth your time!

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As for the singer’s cupcake bra?  Use your imagination on that one!

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