1. Adele – This hairstyle was just heaven on Adele and I can tell this girl knows what she likes, volume! To try this look yourself I recommend investing in some good old fashion hot rollers. Starting at the top take a section the size of the roller and spray with hairspray (I use Suave Professionals light hold) wrap the ends in first, roll down and secure with the clip provided. Repeat this process until all of your hair is in rollers, take time to send a twit-pic of how retro you look already. While you let the rollers cool you can re create that perfect cat eye. Once everything is cool unroll the hair and twist the roller out at the same time to maintain the shape. Finish by parting your hair and brushing the curls into waves, throw on that statement lip and you will kill it like she did. 3. Kate Beckinsale – Always a crowd pleaser on the carpet she didn’t disappoint with this sexy flirty take on the pony tail. To get the same red carpet worthy waves at home first start with second day hair, refresh your roots with my fave Suave Professionals dry shampoo. Then spray your hair with light hold hairspray and wrap 1 inch sections around a 1 1/2 inch curling iron, leaving the ends out. Once you have the waves going its time for teasing, just lightly at the crown using a rattail comb. Now gather all of this gorgeousness into a high pony and secure with an elastic that matches your hair. And don’t forget to feature a major earring like our dear Kate did!
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