19. The place is a who’s who in recording history, including the 2012 Grammy favorite Adele, whose song “Rolling in the Deep” was not only recorded at Shangri-La Ranch, but the music video was also filmed there. 2. Alicia Keys – She was really serving us a strong look with this ever so modern pomp. If you are feeling bold try your hand at re creating this look by first starting with smooth hair. I would grab my Suave Professionals Anti frizz Cream to create a smooth blowout. Now get creative my making a mohawk section (use the arch of your brow as a guide and go straight back) making a box that stops at the back top of your head. Take the rest of the hair and twist into a pony tail going up, this will creat a tight twist that you can secure with bobby pins. Now you can tease the mohawk section to get major lift, now pin the ends into the center leaving the perimeter round. Tuck the back ends into the center “mohawk” and finish with some Suave Professionals Extra Hold Hairspray to get rid of any fly away strands.
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