3. Jimmy is a warm and engaging person with an insatiable appetite for fun and laughter. He is a college graduate who grew up on the west coast and stays in shape working out and dancing. Jimmy is an avid alpine enthusiast and former ski instructor. He is a classically trained musician, and volunteers his time and skills at a local youth musical arts programs. He is currently a trainer/nutritionist, and sports masseur. 5. Vin is a unique and exotic ethnic mix of French, Black and Latin. After high school, Vin attended college and holds a degree in Philosophy from a prestigious east coast university. He has a passion for learning and a deep appreciation for music, history, art and culture, which he acquired not only from study but from traveling the world. Vin is a gifted conversationalist who is warm, caring and open. He is a professional-caliber beach volleyball player and an avid athlete.
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