PHOTOS: Bikini Wars! Sexy Costars Strip Down

These leading ladies may combine their sexy powers to dominate the box office, but when they hit the beach in their skimpy bikinis, only the hottest body will go home with the Bikini Wars gold. has photos of the sexiest costars, stripped down and battling it out on the beach in this special bikini feature. To see sexy costars stripped down and battling it out Bikini Wars style, click the next sentence.

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Leighton Meester are both Country Strong — and sexy! While the Gossip Girl knows how to steam up the shoreline with her swerving curves, Gwyn’s fat free and fabulous figure is envied all over the world.  But only one of these bombshell babes can bring home the Bikini Wars title.

Click Here To See Gwyneth and Leighton Battle It Out In Their Bikinis

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What happens when you bring a sexy supermodel and a former Friend together on the bigscreen? One of the sexiest romantic comedies ever! Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston provided hours of drool-worthy entertainment in Just Go With It, showing off their hot bodies on the beaches of Hawaii.  Which bikini babe brought more sexy to the beach?

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Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene may steam up the screen in the Twilight franchise, but when they strip down and reveal their bombshell bikini bodies, they scorch up the sand! While K-Stew rocks a white hot bikini to perfection, Ash fills out her blue bikini to the brim.  Which vampy vixen takes home the Bikini Wars gold?

Click Here To See Kristen Take On Ashley

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And awesome Aussie Teresa Palmer joined forces with funny and fit Anna Faris in the 1980’s tribute Take Me Home Tonight, but the two beautiful blondes aren’t exactly allies in this Bikini Wars blowout.

Click Here To See Anna and Teresa Fight For The Bikini Wars Title

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What other sexy costars have we stripped down in this Bikini Wars feature?  Click here to find out.



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