PHOTOS: Bikini Babes With Belly Button Bling!

These sexy stars know that the best way to add some bling to their bikini body is with the help of a belly button ring. The piercing trend, which blew up in the mid-1990’s has never gone out of style with flat-abbed and fabulously figured celebs.

PHOTOS: Bikini Babes With Belly Button Bling! has photos of all your favorite celebs, stripped down into their skimpy bikinis and showing off their blinging belly’s!

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Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian may look completely different (but equally smokin’ hot!) in their barely there bikinis, but the former friends have something in common-both have belly bling! See Paris’ fat-free bikini body here and Kim’s covetable curves here.

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The Hills were full of drama-and blinging bellys! Stephanie Pratt, Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge all rock sparkling jewels on the red carpet and on the beach-with the help of the sexy body piercings. See Stephanie’s dangling belly ring here, Heidi’s here and Audrina’s here.

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Oops she did it Again! Britney Spears had a belly button ring early in her career, which got a lot of attention as she was always showing off her awesome abs in skimpy crop tops. Though she had the bling removed when she got preggers, she quickly got re-pierced when the time was right. See Britney showing off her belly button ring in a skimpy bikini here.

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Leo DiCaprio’s supermodel galpal Bar Rafaeli is also into body bling. The boobilicious swimsuit siren rocks a tiny jewel in her naval zone. See Bar’s bikini body here.

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What other models, reality show stars, big screen babes and sassy singers have sexy body piercings? Find out by clicking here.

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