16. John Travolta has been among the A-list’s most giving, as the Pulp Fiction star and wife Kelly Preston established the Jett Travolta Foundation in memory of their son, who tragically passed away at the family’s Bahamas vacation home in 2009. The foundation, according to its’ website, looks “to assist and provide relief to children with vision, hearing, mobility, communication, behavior learning impairments or other special medical, environmental, health or educational needs.” 18. Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox has a long history of giving toward causes ranging from AIDS awareness and prevention to African women to Amnesty International. The Here Comes The Rain Again singer told the UK Times that losing her son Daniel in 1988 “had an immense impact on me. It made me realize that the human condition is immensely fragile and strong. At the same time as I lost my son, thousands of people died in a village in Turkey after an earthquake. Curiously enough, I identified with those people. It made me realize that life truly is temporary, and when I hear about people’s tragedies, I … empathize with them.”
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