4. It’s anything but ironic that 90s rocker Alanis Morissette has spent years donating her time, name and services to causes such as human rights, women’s rights and abused children, among others. The Canadian singer’s been involved with organizations such as Equality Now, Make Trade Fair, Oxfam and United Cerebral Palsy. 6. With the Elton John AIDS Foundation, the Crocodile rocker has put his name, time and energy toward those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS to help with their physical, emotional and financial hardship, “enabling them to improve their quality of life, live with dignity and exercise self-determination.” John told the Independent in December 2010: I’ve just got enough time in my life to do some good things for people. I pick and choose. I probably do about 30 charity things a year, but then are 365 days in a year so 30 doesn’t seem that much. And a lot are for my charity.”
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