15. Kate Beckinsale:  “I’m amazed that people obsess over my body image so much. Why do we encourage this war on women’s bodies? It’s a horrendous way to live, and I refuse to. I’m entirely normal. I have my good days and my bad days. I am a lot more body confident now I’m in my thirties, and am in better shape, too.” (Photo: National Photo Group) 2. Paris Hilton learned that justice is blind — even to stars — in 2007. The heiress has booked into custody after she violated the terms of a probation sentence she was serving following a drunk driving plea. In January, she was cited for driving on a suspended license. Hilton, who would sign a statement prohibiting her from the road, was pulled over in February and charged with violating her probation, which subsequently got her a 45-day jail sentence.
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