1. Alexander Ovechkin, 24, Russia (Hockey Player) Ovechkin is one of the NHL’s most skilled offensive players and the most physical. When asked what drives him be at the top of his game, he gives credit to his powerful legs and his hard workout regimen. “Without training, I’m nothing,” he says. 3. Denis Leary, 52, USA (Actor) As the star of FX’s hit show, Rescue Me, Denis Leary is not a big fan of regular cardio workouts. “I would have to commit a crime and have cops chase me. That would be the only way to get me to jog five miles,” says FX’s Rescue Me star. Instead the actor prefers a good game of street hockey to keep him in shape. “You can chase a ball and beat the crap out of each other for three hours at a time,” he says.
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