10. Kai Chase was on the premises the day Jackson died. Chase told The Today Show in 2009 she remembered she could “feel the energy change” in the house that day, and security shortly sent her on her way. She said she learned of Jackson’s death on the radio and had to pull off the road, hysterically crying. She called the late singer “a fabulous man” and “a fabulous father to his children.” 12. Dr. Richelle Cooper, an emergency room physician who was on shift when Michael Jackson was brought in, testified that she’d told paramedics the King of Pop could have been declared dead when they worked on him at his home, but he was brought to the hospital, as Murray wanted resuscitation efforts to continue. Cooper testified that Dr. Murray didn’t tell her he’d administered Propofol to the superstar, saying he gave him the sedative Lorazepam.
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