5. Defense Attorney Ed Chernoff: Murray hired the Texas-based to defend him in this high-profile celebrity case. According to his firm’s website, as a former assistant for the Harris County District Attorney’s office, Chernoff tried 70 jury trials, losing only one felony trial. He also holds the record for the quickest acquittal in the Southern District of the US Courts, as a jury once acquitted his client after a 15-minute deliberation. In Jackson’s trial, Chernoff maintains Jackson took a fatal drug dose of propofol and sedative lorazepam while Murray was out of the room, ultimately creating a “perfect storm in his body that killed him instantly.” 7. L.A. Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor: The L.A. County Bar Association’s 2007 Judge of the Year receives arguably the most high-profile celebrity case in the City of Angels since the O.J. Simpson odyssey of the 90s. So far, Pastor has made a few bold moves, permitting TV cameras inside the court, as well as not allowing the jury to be sequestered.
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