5. Jenelle Evans has been charged with probation violation in North Carolina. Evans, 19, was booked at Brunswick County Detention Center although it is unclear what violation occurred. Evans, who is from Oak Island, North Carolina, was charged with assault in March after being caught in a fight on videotape. In April she received 12-months of probation and community service on a drug paraphernalia charge. She was released on a $10,000 bond after several hours at the jail. 7. Jenelle Evans was taken in by cops on January 16th, 2012, in Brunswick County, North Carolina, for allegedly violating a domestic violence protective order, police say. Six days earlier, Evans was arrested for allegedly making “harrassing phone calls” and “communicating threats” to her former roommate, Hannah Inman. She was later released after posting a $1,000 USD bond.
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