The Do’s And Dont’s Of Yellow

Everywhere you look this season, someone is wearing yellow.  Though it definitely isn’t a color you want to wear from head to toe, adding a blast of yellow to your ensemble may just brighten up someone’s day! Take it from Molly Sims, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kendrick and a bevy of other celebs, all of whom are rocking the summery color flawlessly.

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What makes yellow work?  First, choose the right color for your skintone, so you don’t look washed out like Britney Spears, who made the mistake of wearing a mustard-colored turtleneck, which washed out her face and made her hair appear brassy.  Second, make sure the tone you choose, works with the other colors of your ensemble.  Minnie Driver paired a mustard yellow bag with a neon orange scarf, which was no-go, while Donald Sutherland rocked a pastel yellow tie, with similar candy-coated colors, resulting in a dapper look.  Third, don’t go overboard!  Too much yellow can result in a dizzying look.  Paris Hilton spent a day shopping recently, wearing a long, yellow dress with a matching headband, while carrying a purse with a yellow stuffed animal attached.  Not a good look.  A few weeks later, she was spotted at Coachella, getting the look right, pairing her t-bags mini dress with gold accessories and shoes.

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Finally, keep the bright color on the clothes and nails.  Yellow makeup and hair result in a fashion DON’T!  What eccentric singer tried to pull off the yellow hair look?  Check out the gallery in Style to find out.

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