Think Green! Alo Sport

Here’s a painless way to do your bit for Earth Day and look good doing it! Alo produces high quality lifestyle wear through processes that mitigate carbon emissions “utilizing reclaimed and recycled materials, maintaining a sustainable office environment.”  There’s even a handy tutorial online to help customers “define their green”

Check Out Alo Sport’s Think Green Products

We’ve tried the Alo Sport line of fashionable active wear and unlike some work-out wear; this effortlessly goes from the treadmill to the mall. The stylish roll-over pant (“solid stitch pant”) is so stylish that you can pair it with a nice blouse and wear it to work. Not to mention that the clothes are soooo comfortable. Made of a combination of bamboo, cotton and spandex, they hold their shape through repeated washings.

For our special readers we have a code for 30% off EVERYTHING at Alosport.

Just enter the code “aloearthday2010” at checkout for 30% off site-wide.

You’re welcome.

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