Meet Petra Ecclestone: The 22-Year-Old Who Bought Candy Spelling’s Mansion

Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian might be Petra-fied of a new import who could knock ‘em down a notch on the social ladder, and for good reason.

Meet Petra Ecclestone — she’s obscenely rich, strikingly-beautiful, a fashion trendsetter — and L.A.-bound!

Ecclestone, 22, is a gorgeous blonde from England who made big news this week in plunking down upwards of $150 million for Candi Spelling‘s 57,000-sq. foot Los Angeles mansion. (Exact figures were not disclosed, but the house was put on the market for said amount.)

Don’t worry, she can afford it: her father is Formula One head Bernard Ecclestone, whose net worth Forbes last year estimated as $4 billion.

Meet The Ecclestones – Photos Of Petra And Her Family

Ecclestone will reportedly split her time between LaLa Land and London, where she owns a $90.9 million, six-story house in Chelsea.

A fashion designer by trade, and focal point of the UK tabloids, the Croatian-English stunner is slated to get married in August to her boyfriend of four years, club hoppin’ English jetsetter James Stunt.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this wealthy woman as she makes her splash in Southern California.



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