1. Izzy, yet another of Blair’s little minions, follows suit wearing Tulle’s vintage wool coat in basil which retails for $96.00. This is the quintessential coat for the girl about town with places to go, people to see, and trying to stay warm all at the same time. This is a classic style in a fabulous color – the perfect coat to keep from year to year, without going out of style. Vintage-esque, we love it! <br /><br /> Can be purchased at <a href="http://www.tulle4us.com">www.tulle4us.com</a> 3. Hazel, one of Blair’s little minions, has to stay up-to-date in the coolest, chicest, fashions if she wants to stay in the “in-crowd.” Adding a fashionable flair to her uniform, Hazel dons Tulle’s soft wool tapered coat in ruby which retails for $77.50. This jacket can be left unbuttoned for a relaxed look, or the high collar can be buttoned up for a more regal and sophisticated, oh-so Jackie-O style. Versatility is key, especially in this economy! Blair often sports Tulle coats as well, so, Hazel can’t go wrong by following in her idol’s footsteps. <br /><br /> Can be purchased at <a href="http://www.tulle4us.com ">www.tulle4us.com</a>
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