2. Paris Hilton, the other culprit behind the resurgence of the headband, has a glamband in almost every fabric, style, and color. Then again, she is Paris Hilton and she can have everything in every fabric, style, and color! Seen here, Princess P was flashing a gold glamband as she shopped on Robertson last month with her little pooch and comedic gal pal Kathy Griffin! The heiress Paris must always wear a tiara, of sorts! (Photo: WENN) 4. Nicole Richie unveiled her House of Harlow 1960 jewelry line at Kitson, sporting a custom-made headpiece from her own collection. The coin linked multi-strand designer glamband mixes the hippie vibe with luxury chic. At $430 dollars, there are a limited number of the outrageously faboo headpieces for sale at Kitson. As a pillar of style, Nicole is one of the starlets that brought back the headband and turned it glam! (Photo: WENN)
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