6. Before the big night, Carrie Underwood described her merlot taffeta Rafael Cennamo performance gown as “hard to describe” and “maybe like lava”, but this too big for words gown would even make Marie Antoinette cringe- and it is right up her ally! RadarOnline.com has learned that Carrie was carried on stage by 3 handlers and “to get off she grabbed as much as she could and scampered off, stumbling a bit” says our source. Big mistake, and by big mistake ,we mean Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” big! (Photo: WENN) 8. Emily West chose a strappy snakey gown that, for fashionistas, is more frightening than the rattle of a rattle snake. Snakes aren’t sexy, and printed allover an ill-fitting gown is just tragic. We get the country outback theme, but girl, leave the snakes to the songs and the cowboys! (Photo: Retna)
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