32. Jonathan Knight: The New Kids On The Block member took a similar route as Lance Bass, coming out publicly after his career catering to screaming teen girls had long passed. “I have lived my life very openly and have never hidden the fact that I am gay,” Knight wrote in January 2011. 34. Glee’s Jane Lynch came out to her parents when she was 32. “I was distanced from my parents,” the Dolton, Illinois native said recently on Chelsea Lately. “And I felt very, very separate from them.” Lynch says her therapist told her to write a letter to her folks, but that she wouldn’t have to send it. “So I wrote them a letter pouring my heart out,” Lynch, 51, said – but there was one twist: “They (her therapist) give you a stamp and an envelope after you write it!” She said upon coming out, her parents were “great” and “embraced” her.
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