Alternative Attire

At the Alternative Apparel Fashion show during Los Angeles Fashion Week, Shenae Grimes and Krysten Ritter walked down the red carpet in offbeat and edgy style, while Twilight stunner Nikki Reed opted for a conservatively chic look.

PHOTOS: Shenae Grimes, Nikki Reed And Krysten Ritter At The Alternative Apparel Fashion Show

Shenae sported a 1980’s rock look, wearing high-waisted, midriff baring, black jeans with a chain belt, cropped blazer and grommeted leather jacket, while Krysten was a vision out of the 1950’s, in a bubble-hemmed party dress.

PHOTOS: Nikki Reed At The New Moon Premiere

What made Nikki Reed’s simply sophisticated look standout?  Check out the gallery in Style to find out.

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