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Kim Kardashian’s Doctor Got Five Years Probation Amid Gross Negligence Claims ­ PLUS Details On His Involvement In An FDA Probe

For years, Kim Kardashian’s obsession with plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements have been revealed on TV for the whole world to see — everything from zapping her stretch marks and freezing her fat to that painful bloody “vampire facial.” But does she know that one of her favorite doctors temporarily lost his certificate to practice medicine and was instead put on probation up until April 2013? has learned that multiple patients accused Kardashian fave Dr. Simon Ourian of gross negligence after he allegedly left some of them with first and second degree burns and bleeding, among other injuries from botched procedures. The cosmetic dermatologist was also involved in a criminal investigation by the FBI and FDA that led to the arrest of one of his nurses!

Ourian appeared on a February 2014 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, when Kardashian got a laser peel at his offices.

But in documents filed with the Medical Board of California Department of Consumer Affairs, obtained by Radar, an unidentified patient filed a complaint about a similar procedure on June 9, 2003. The patient alleged gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, incompetence, false advertising, and dishonest and corrupt acts after receiving a Coolaser cosmetic laser peel to repair wrinkles and discoloration from Kardashian’s doc.

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The documents contain a litany of shocking allegations against the non-Board certified doctor (real name Siamak Ourian), who practices at 444 North Camden Drive in Beverly Hills — an address that matches what’s written on the complaint. There was no record that Ourian — who is NOT a plastic surgeon — discussed with the patient any other alternative treatments and no indication that an examination was performed to support his diagnosis that included atypical moles on her face, neck, and arms; lesions caused by sun damage lesions; liver spots; and wrinkles.

Ourian performed laser treatment on the pigmented lesions, followed by resurfacing, but there was sloppy follow-up, with the operative report going unsigned, according to the complaint. The report also claimed that scalpel surgery was performed, but nothing was sent to pathology as a result of the surgery.
Even more surprising, in the filed paperwork with the medical board, the patient claimed that she never sought treatment for destruction of pre-malignant lesions and she didn’t even have lesions on her face or neck.

After receiving a second treatment July 14, she claimed she experienced “pain, itching, burning and stinging” to her neck, and a few days later Kardashian’s doctor had to refer her to the Grossman Medical Center for treatment of first- to second-degree burns!

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The medical record states that she had a “partial thickness burn to the anterior neck, which was swollen and healing, dry, and scabbing.”

Subsequent disciplinary action by the board cited Ourian, who’s also been known to treat Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, for “extreme departures from the standard practice.”

The documents state that the patient only consented to a Coolaser treatment — which she had seen on an infomercial that Ourian claimed to have invented — but he used two additional laser treatments, which were NOT consented to or discussed in the medical notes.

There was also no documentation of what laser settings were used, but the inflammation and crusting was consistent with a deeper laser level, which the patient also didn’t agree to.

Furthermore, Ourian was accused of double-billing her insurance for services and treatments he did not perform to the tune of nearly $12,000.

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In December 2003, a second patient allegedly consulted with Ourian about a dermal filler called Radiance to treat depressions in her face caused by acne scarring, and he was accused of unsanitary practices. The complaint states he said the procedure was “safe,” but when he refilled the syringe for injection “he inserted a soiled needle back into the vial.”

Just over a month later, the patient claimed she returned to his office complaining that her right cheek and left jaw were bumpy. Even two months later, she still complained of bumpiness and Kardashian’s go-to doc recommended cortisone injections to correct the “deformity” – only there was no medical record of her visit. And when he was interviewed by a medical board investigator in 2005, he did not recall injecting cortisone into her face.

A third patient also accused Ourian of gross negligence, incompetence, false advertising, and other damning acts, after two Coolaser treatments in August and September 2004 allegedly resulted in a “hard dry crust all over her face and … bleeding from her cheek and chin.”

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The patient claimed that the experience during her first treatment felt “rushed” and that Ourian allegedly picked up the laser without first taking before and after photos. According to the complaint, he also only spent a “few seconds” using the laser on her nose and chin. When she complained, he allegedly responded that she couldn’t expect more from a “freebie,” when, in fact, she was paying $4,500 for the procedure!

Her face later became “blotched” and was “oozing,” according to the docs, and she could not “open her mouth to eat or speak.”

When she called Ourian he “appeared annoyed,” per the medical board documents, and he simply told her to read the instruction booklet. Days later “her face began to peel and the skin underneath was bright red,” she claimed, forcing her to miss work.

Ourian also allegedly told the patient that a photograph on the Epione website that portrayed the successful results of the treatment was his patient when, in fact, the patient who was photographed had been treated by another doctor.

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The patient also claimed she didn’t receive the thousands of dollars spent when she asked his office for a refund.

When asked by the medical board investigator why there were no notes about her care and treatment, Ourian said he does not make notes because they are “sometimes used against him, when a patient is unhappy with the result, and the issue goes to court.”

In October 2003, a fourth patient received treatment for small bumps around her eyes known as “syringoma,” and when the Coolaser treatment was used by Ourian, her condition allegedly got worse with the small bumps “spreading into the center of her face,” the docs noted.

In January 2004, she got a second treatment after the doctor allegedly said it would take all three procedures to make the bumps “disappear.” But her condition increasingly worsened and the bumps spread to other portions of her face, according to the complaint, and when she called to complain, no one from Ourian’s Epione office called her back.

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When she went back for her last treatment in February 2005, the complaint said, bumps spread down her face and across her forehead above her nose.

In a 2005 interview with the medical board, Ourian admitted that he “doubted” the bumps were his original diagnosis and that a biopsy would need to be done, which he didn’t perform.

Ourian also allegedly treated brown spots on her hands, which aren’t documented in any records. He also gave her cream that he allegedly developed and the packaging did not list any ingredients.

In August 2003, a fifth patient consulted with Ourian’s staff regarding laser treatment of a burst blood vessel on her left eyelid and was pitched an additional procedure using Radiance filler in her lips.

According to the documents, the patient was told it was “all natural” and there were “no risks”, and she paid $2,000 without a consent form. The docs allege Ourian never explained the risks, benefits, or side effects and he “ignored” her questions.

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But after making four injections, one week later she complained that her lips had “painful” lumps. Ourian allegedly said they were only the result of the needle pricks and would go away in six months.

The injured patient even resorted to writing Ourian describing the bumps on the inside of her lips and gums as “knobby calloused needle marks,” and without any expert feedback from her doctor was forced her to get cortisone treatments and corrective surgery, as stated in the docs filed to the medical board.

The disciplinary complaint also notes a 2004 undercover operation by medical board investigators, and that in 2006 the Federal Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigations had been looking into Ourian for the possible use of unapproved “Botox type products” and aiding and abetting a registered nurse named Daniel Serrano in performing facelift surgeries at his office — without a medical license! The investigation resulted in the nurse’s arrest.

The FDA’s report included statements from a former Epione employee who recalled that Serrano was referred to as “Dr. Daniel,” who was, in actuality, an Argentinian health practitioner and didn’t have a California Medical License.

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The medical assistant named Radka Kralik told the FDA that from about September to December 2004, she witnessed — and with Ourian’s knowledge — Serrano perform facelift operations. She also said Epione staff was “forbidden” to reveal that Serrano didn’t have his license and that he was operating without a medical license.

The allegations were so severe that the FBI even got involved, and according to its report in which they interviewed Serrano, the two met through a mutual friend and decided to work together to perform Quicklift surgeries, a one-hour non-invasive facelift procedure, at Ourian’s Beverly Hills office. They also informally talked about how Serrano would be compensated 40 percent of the profits, per the complaint.

The report states that Ourian was “completely aware” the nurse would be performing the surgeries and allegedly told him it was “not a problem” as long as he was there to supervise.

But it wasn’t just Quicklift procedures Serrano performed—Ourian allegedly asked him to assist in another surgery where he removed fat from under a patient’s eye.

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Ourian’s attorney, however, refuted all the claims, stating Serrano was just using Ourian’s facility, that he wasn’t an employee, no payment was exchanged, he was being supervised by another physician who was supposed to be present at all times, and Ourian didn’t participate in any of the surgeries. He also alleged Serrano showed him paperwork that proved he was a plastic surgeon in Argentina.

As part of the investigation that led to Serrano’s arrest, investigators spoke to a Quicklift patient who was left in “shock” and in tears after her procedure in 2007 went awry.

Ourian allegedly told her Serrano was “auditioning” for a job and the procedure would cost $1,000. According to the docs, other Quicklift patients weren’t charged.

When she came into the office, she was “surprised” they did not ask her anything, she was “very upset” that the medical assistant was wearing street clothes in the operating room, and noted that no one took her vital signs, according to the documents. Also, she claims, no one asked her medical history and the operating room “appeared dirty.”

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The patient alleged that only the assistant and Serrano were in the operating room — not Ourian, and the first time Ourian walked in, he was “eating granola.

The patient started crying when Serrano asked about “disposing the tissue” because she didn’t think cutting would be involved in the procedure, according to the documents.

Shockingly, Serrano started “laughing”, per stated the docs, and it was only when she started “bleeding really badly” that Ourian came back into the room — this time allegedly “eating yogurt” — and told Serrano to give her an injection.

When she later got into her car, according to the docs, the “traumatized” patient’s teeth were “chattering” and she was “completely bandaged”: “Oh my god, what just happened to me?” she allegedly said, as stated in the medical board documents.

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She was allegedly told there would only be two sutures, but there were “lots”; it was fast healing, but she couldn’t work for three weeks; and there would not be a lot of pain, but there was “horrible pain,” as stated in the complaint.

The medical board eventually decided to revoke Ourian’s certificate, and imposed other repercussions including a settlement and the mandate that he enroll in a clinical training program to assess his medical skills.

Ourian also had to sign up for medical record-keeping, ethics, and clinician-patient communication courses.

He also had to be monitored by another physician and was prohibited from practicing medicine by himself and couldn’t even supervise his own physician assistants.

In addition, he had to pay nearly $16,000 to the medical board.

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During his hearing to terminate his probation early in March 2013, Ourian acknowledged that 10 years ago he was “not wise enough to understand [his] own limitations” and was “overwhelmed,” leaving his patients to receive “no costumer service.” He described his actions as “immature” and “felt that patients had not been harmed.”

He also explained that during 2003 and 2004 he had “several difficulties in his life” which contributed to what led to his patients’ complaints. He claimed his fiancé was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and he was dealing with his father’s illness. His brother, with whom he opened his practice, also took care of most of the administrative office functions and his office manager “ceased performing her duties,” he claimed.

According to the documents, because of the board’s sanctions against him, it was difficult for Ourian to find a physician to work with him as mandated by his probation: “No reputable doctors wanted to be associated with him,” as stated in the filed documents. So he “pleaded” with his brother to close his own medical practice, but instead persuaded another doctor in exchange for free rent, the documents said.

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Since the disciplinary action, the documents state, Ourian no longer uses Radiance and “no longer wants to be the first guy” to use a new treatment method. Instead, he claims he will see what “issues arise from other physicians’ practices.”

Ourian also said the “huge stigma” of probation was a “blessing in disguise.”

Even Ourian’s medical monitor agreed he was “rightfully so sanctioned,” but after two years under strict guidelines he was given a glowing review. His assigned mentor physician noted the improvements of Ourian’s practice were “striking” and concluded he’s an “asset to patients and the medical community.”

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